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A Little Small Talk.

Hey there! My name is Ben, and I can help you online.

I call myself a digital handyman, and even that title doesn’t seem broad enough. Since the summer of 2013 I’ve worked as a Project Manager for a client, and in that role have been given the freedom to learn what I’m really good at.

I’m planning on never growing up, much less finishing this process of figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, but more than a year of this wonderful “self-employment” has given me an idea of what I am good at. Here’s a thoroughly random list of things I can help you with:

Web development and optimization.

Do you have a picture (literal or figurative) of exactly what you’d like your website to do, but no way to make that picture into a functioning site? I do that. I’m more of a developer than a designer, but I have friends to whom I can outsource things like logos and design elements. What I am good at is making a fast, reliable website out of those designs. Contact me for price quotes, but it’ll be in the neighborhood of $800 as a starting point. Two week turnaround, max.

Also, if you have an existing site that seems to be getting slower, or is struggling under increasing traffic, I can help with cleaning up the backend of the site to run faster and better. This can be some quick tweaks or a more comprehensive overhaul. The price here is so tied to your specific needs that it makes no sense for me to ballpark a guess.

Web Content Creation.

One of the things I have extensive experience in is social media management, blog content creation, and other web content marketing. What I am interested in doing here is to get a few (probably local) clients for whom I manage all of their web presence and “digital PR.” This would mean blog content, social media content and engagement, as well as email newsletters.

I am very particular about the type of client I want to work with in this way. It’s better for all of us if I love your business model or cause, because good content marketing comes from a place of genuine passion.

Let me use an illustrative example: If your business relies heavily on debt or financing—like a car dealership, for example, I’m not going to be a good fit. I have a fundamental problem with going into debt for a depreciating asset, so I’ll never be able to be excited about the new cars that you’d want me to sell. That would be dishonest of me to try and hide in promotional tweets and blog posts.

For a custom quote on what you would pay for my services as a content marketer, contact me using the form below. These types of clients would be on a monthly retainer with at least a three month initial commitment (because that’s the absolute minimum before you’d see any quantifiable results). Rates start at about $400-$500 per month, but will vary depending on your specific needs, and your specific target market.

A La Carte Digital Handyman Services.

This is as broad as it sounds. I can:

  • clean up and optimize JavaScript to speed up load times
  • debug PHP to figure out why your site won’t load
  • set up a system that automatically backs up your website
  • figure out why your autoresponder won’t turn off on your email account, and fix it
  • set up your email on your smartphone/tablet/watch/iPod
  • change the header color on your Tumblr
  • develop a custom plugin for your website
  • set up a sales funnel on your Google Analytics account
  • train your organization on best practices with WordPress
  • update your site to the latest version of WordPress without downtime (guaranteed)
  • edit the DNS to add a new subdomain like or
  • transfer your site from weebly to WordPress
  • set up pixel tracking on your Facebook advertising
  • make your site mobile responsive
  • set up custom segmentation on your Google Analytics account
  • set up email marketing campaigns to target specific potential customers
  • customize your podcast feed and help you submit it to iTunes
  • help you transfer away from (but never to) GoDaddy for web hosting
  • set up custom email accounts for your whole family
  • set up a photo backup system for you to never lose a photo again

I hope the message is clear—when it comes to the digital world, I can either do it or figure it out. Every single one of the things listed above is something I have either done for a client, or for myself. Shoot me a message with what you need, and I’ll let you know how much it’d cost to get it done.

As a digital solopreneur, you are dealing with me (not some large organization or 20-year-old sales rep) and I will take good care of you, and/or tell you that I don’t have what you are looking for (many times with a referral to someone who does!). Use the form below to get in touch.

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