A Little Small Talk.

This picture says more about my life than I could possibly fit into words.
This picture says more about my life than I could possibly fit into words.

I’m Ben. My wife’s name is Jacqueline, and her friends call her Jacq. For a couple of years now I’ve used this domain (which sounds conspicuously like a domain not originally intended to host a WordPress development company) as my site to encourage people to pay me for web services.

The little bootstrapped startup grew to the point it was getting awkward having to explain to people exactly what I do. So I transitioned all of my development business over to The WP Steward as of March 2016. This site will likely slowly transition back to being a place where I rant about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. We’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. We’re glad you’re here.


When the Boy Scouts are not just for Boys, do we also lose the Men?

On the first day of Boy Scouts (circa 1989) for my older brother, my mother—who had been über active in our Cub Scouting career as a den mother—walked into the room intent on sticking around. The Scoutmaster (a friend of the family and genuinely good guy) put his arm around Mom and walked her back out to …

Can We Talk?

If every person in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act is framed as a monster who wants people to die, the conversation is basically over before it even starts. If every person who votes for a democrat is framed as a baby-killer who cares about ____ more than they care about life, the conversation …