Things We Have Nearly Said on Twitter

In case you aren’t following Jacq on twitter or facebook, we’ve got some exciting news on top of the already exciting news that we are moving to Holly Springs.  We’re pregnant! (a phrase I don’t fully understand why I have to say in the first person, being that I am by no means carrying a child in my belly) So here, in chronological order, are the tweet-worthy things that we have avoided saying, since about Christmas.

December 27th:

J 3:01 PM: I just found out I’m pregnant.  Going to surprise Ben with the news while holding someone else’s nearly-old-enough-to-spoil-it child.

B 6:05 PM: We kicked one past the goalie.  We should really recruit better goalies.  Or sleep in separate beds.  Annabelle found out along with me.

December 30th:

J: I am really tired.  And kind of nauseous.  And did I mention really tired?  Oh, and could you bring me a sandwich? With icing?

B: Let me get this straight. I have to deal with a pregnant wife for the next 5-7 weeks but not tell anyone?  I am hoping for a girl.

December 31st:

J: Ever found out you were pregnant, attended a conference with 96% of your friends, and not told any of them? Me neither.  Told 10 People.

B: I am getting kind of fuzzy on the details of the whole “don’t tell anyone we’re pregnant” thing.  Four people have told me congratulations…

January 3rd:

J: On the way home.  Tired, hungry, tired, hungry, and pregnant.  Can I get that sandwich, now? Or a nap?

B: We are getting back to raising support full-time.  Extra bellybutton to feed, and all.

January 27th:

J: At the OB, we get to hear the heartbeat today for Peanut!

B: I just got a H1N1 vaccination, at the OB-GYN.  I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve been treated at the gynecologist.

January 29th:

J: I’m hungry, then I’m FULL, then I’m HUNGRY. Then I desperately want to take a nap.  Rinse.  Repeat.

B: Hate that I had to leave my pregger wifey up the hill with the boy in the snow to come to cold, wet, ATL.

February 7th:

J: A few days until I’ll feel comfortable sharing with the online world that I am pregnant!  And it’ll be my birthday.

B: Apparently Jacq’s family was fuzzy on the “don’t tell” details, too.  Three people have congratulated me at church this morning.

We’re so excited about the new little one on the way, but I’m pretty sure Jacqueline is just trying to get out of doing any heavy lifting during the move.  This will be the second time she’s gotten out of the manual labor.

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