Services offered:

Brain-Picking: $40 (+ my coffee)

Want to grab coffee and chat about how you should market online? Let’s do it. During that time I will assess your current reality and give you a 30,000-ft overview of digital marketing, social media, content marketing and/or website design.

I can also do brain-picking over Skype. I’ll buy my own coffee for that.

If from that brain-picking you decide to go with a package below, I’ll roll the $40 into that cost.

Website design: $500-$1500

Simple, clean, search engine optimized, and scalable. In this package I give you a great “digital business card.” Since your situation and needs are distinct, I can only give a ball-park price. Pick my brain (see above) for the actual cost to you.

Social Media Plan: $500

Do you want me to apply my social media expertise to your specific issues and challenges? This is the plan for you. I will lay out a 6-month strategy and plan which you can implement, helping you to not feel overwhelmed and giving you measurable goals for your social media efforts. Included in this is my “45 minutes per week” blogging strategy.

Strategy Execution: billed hourly or monthly

Want to outsource your social media and content marketing efforts? I am more than willing to head that up for you. My hourly rate varies widely depending on the specifics of your situation. But if you’ve already picked my brain, you’ll get the first hour free!

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