2 Replies to “Do You have the Guts to live like the Gospel is True? Abandon the fleeting idea called “Retirement.””

  1. I love John Piper and his message but I look at retirement differently than one might understand it from this short video. I see it as a “means” and not as an “end”. When we reach a point where we can afford to stop working a wage-earning job (retirement), then we are free to serve more. I don’t have any desire to sit and play dominoes or shuffleboard when I reach that point where I can retire and most of my retired friends don’t either. They are the ones heading up local ministries that build ramps for the handicapped, repair homes for those who cannot afford to have it done and unable to do it themselves. Theses retirees are the ones who build churches and serve on mission teams meeting basic needs in a lost and dying world. I think that what John Piper is advocating is exactly what my retired friends are doing. Of course, they may also enjoy a little fishing now and then!
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    1. I fully agree, Ken. I think Piper would as well. I remember a talk once I heard from him where he talked of two “retired” missionaries who were serving God more than they ever could have during their “working” years. I think the bottom line, mentioned in the video, is the idea of what we treasure.
      Thanks for the comment!

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