We’ve Come a Long Way!

Almost exactly 7 years ago, I loaded far too much stuff for a single guy to own into a Uhaul in Winston-Salem and drove I-40 over the mountains to Murfreesboro, TN.

Almost exactly 4 years ago I loaded far too much stuff for a single guy to own into a Uhaul and drove almost to the edge of Murfreesboro before it broke down and had to be repaired.  After about 8 hours, we unloaded stuff into a storage unit in Asheville.

A couple months, rings, and fun stories for the grandkids later we unloaded that storage unit into an apartment.

18 months later we loaded that apartment into a Penske truck (having sworn off of Uhaul after our experience coming back over the mountain) and moved north to our beloved rental house.  We had to make room for a new life.

Exactly 5 days ago our good friend Elaine wiped down the windowsills and vacuumed out 2 years worth of dust from the carpet beneath where the dresser sat, as we loaded our stuff into the largest truck Penske will give you without necessitating a special driver’s license.

We drove back down I-40 and unloaded that truck into our latest house, having sensed God’s leading to the regional office in Apex.

We’re excited to put down some roots here, and to hopefully not have to load any trucks in the near future. Interestingly, I’ve never lived more than 30 minutes from I-40.

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