How to Score a Free iPad.

Once I got a free MacBook Pro.  Well, I had to spend 350 bones to get one, but I’d call that a win.  No, I can’t teach you how, because they changed the rules.  You’d probably have to spend $1000, and that wouldn’t be worth the headache (still getting calls once a year or so from folks claiming that I owe them money–but I kept the confirmation numbers confirming that I don’t. While I’m on this topic, don’t ever do business of any type with Active Periodicals.  It’s a total scam.)

But I love my computer (typing this into my pseudo-free MacBook Pro)

My new mission in life is to score a free iPad.  After noodling around on Jacq’s mom’s iPad this week, I can confirm that eventually I will own one.  If I have to save up for it, I will.

If you agree with me that an iPad could be of great use for the Director of Social Media (ahem… me) in the Midsouth Region, then let’s make my quest for a free iPad a reality.  An iPad is a reimbursable expense within Campus Crusade guidelines, but the catch is that we still have to raise that money with which we reimburse it.  So if you give a one-time gift of 300 bones or so, and a friend of yours does the same, I’ve got enough money to get my iPad and reimburse it.

This is not the place or time to defend why I think it is a great purchase and will be a huge help in my new role.  And if I’m being honest, there is about a 50/50 business to personal split in my motives for owning it.  But if you are one of the folks that agrees with me that I should have one, let’s make it happen. Click here (and write a personal note where you mention the iPad)

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  1. Only 300 bones? Well the human body has 206. So that’s one person. Plus another 94 bones, that’s almost a half more. So that’s about 1.5 people. Naturally, of course, you want someone already dead, preferably someone who has donated their body to science. Why? Because you have to think that someone who has donated their body to science wants the application of science (AKA, technology) to move onward in this world. And using an iPad is using technology. So, long story short, you are now venturing into very unsafe territory asking someone to donate their body to your use of an iPad. Actually 1.5 somebodies. Sorry to break the bad news to you about that.

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