A Picture of the Boy.

I know, you want a picture.  A blog post less than 20 minutes after the birth of my child isn’t even enough for you people.  I mean, really.

So I put a picture up.  I’m working on getting some others, but he either looks like an alien, a cast member from “ConeHeads,” or a reptile.  This one captures the moment right after I cut the cord. (that thing is stout.)


3 Replies to “A Picture of the Boy.”

  1. Congratulations to you both and LB!! I am so happy to hear that things went well, can’t wait to see more pics! God is good!

  2. Yeah. Let’s face it: a baby at 2 weeks is WAY more adorable than a baby at 2 minutes. But even fresh out of the box, babies are all pretty much adorable.

    Ya did good, kids.

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