Feedback needed.

Last week I posted a link to my new resumé, and I’ve already received some great feedback.  That feedback was unsolicited but super-helpful.

Today I am asking for feedback.  I’ve made some changes already, and will be making more throughout the next few days.

Would you take a few minutes to go and look over my resumé with a mind to helping me make it the best one you’ve ever read?

Later, I’ll be adding some more insightful and useful content here, but for now, can you help me out?

Three questions:

  1. What should I add? (let’s stick to true things–one of my rough drafts indicated that I invented the iPad.)
  2. What should I take away*?
  3. What other question(s) should I be asking here?

You can comment below with your thoughts on my resume, (I especially need spell-check help, as I made this all by hand in html) or email me

*I am not going to take away the QR code.  It’s my bit of geekery, and I am going to leave it.  I am also not going to make the links clickable on the left pane.  Those are just part of the background image, added for a bit of branding flair.  Don’t have the time or skills to make them clickable.

5 Replies to “Feedback needed.”

  1. I would take out this part: (worst year in UNC men’s basketball history)

    Simply because that kind of information only makes your resume look unprofessional.

  2. OK you asked for it so for what it is worth here goes.

    I would take out words like my, me and I…like What I am passionate about and title it Passion/Mission/Focus or something like that. You put i have led student, etc… put facts bullet pointed like Taught Biblical studies such as but not limited to…I would add numbers not because a church should be looking for numbers but it will tell a ministry team what your capabilities are like being able to lead a conference of 50-1000, big difference that says a lot. I would also add numbers to the amount of groups you have led. If a minister team is searching for someone they want to know if you can handle a large group, a diverse group, etc. On one you basically say Ran auditions and was able to eliminate people. Maybe it could say something like Managed auditions for bands in one area but in another bullet point …Able to make sound decisions based off prayer even if it is the unpopular choice.
    I am not as good at saying what you should say but what I wanted to get across if you have to allow them to immediately see your direction is following Christ so ability to follow has to be stronger that I or me.

    This sounds like I do not like your resume but i do. I tried to copy it to my desktop so I could forward it to some ministry teams but could not.

    Love ya, Deb

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I really appreciate you taking the time to give feedback.
      As far as sending this folks you know, just give them the url

      Also, I have added a pdf version of the worship leader one (link at the top under my contact info) that will enable you to print it out to give to folks.
      I will be adding a pdf version of the other ones. This is very much a work in progress.

  3. I LOVE doing resumes and cover letters:) LOL. First….EXCELLENT job on having multiple types–many people have one resume and never alter it to each job. As you submit your resume, alter each one as well to be even more specific to that one job.

    Now–I’m use to doing teaching resumes for me and business/management for John; however, even in ministry (even through Internet), I suggest making it as professional as possible. Your cover letter can show more of “you” than the actual resume. I think Mom made great points on things. She’s great with resumes and always sent them to me for “final grammar” LOL. Also, for professionalism, any number less than 20 should be spelled out. “Two states”

    Also–I do not think you are detailed enough in what you’ve actually done with Crusades. That seems like for eight years you did not do as much as I know staff does. Be specific in conference sizes, summer missions leading, etc. Even if you are applying for worship leader–its amazing to know where God has used all your talents. In our current economy some churches are “consolidating” lol. THerefore, they may want to hire a worship leader, but also NEED him to lead youth. So–be more specific in how God has used you. My resume for teaching includes my year in Thailand as a homeschool teacher and medical clinic involvement–I think I have almost as many bullets on my time in Thailand (and I’m a TEACHER RESUME) as you do on your Crusade section.

    Gotta let God’s work shine more:)

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