Why I’m still Uncomfortable with Location-Based Stuff.

If I could draw a 3-5 mile circle around my house on a map, and then facebook/twitter/foursquare/gowalla would never report my exact location inside that circle, I’d be way more comfortable with location-based stuff.

I just don’t want to make it easy for folks to find out where I live, so that when I tweet about not being home I invite robbers/vandals.  I know, you can find my address online (though I’ve personally gone to some length to try and make it more difficult, and if you do find a spot that has my address online, I’d love to know about it…) but I just don’t want every 5th tweet to be geotagged with my home address.

Can somebody make that happen?  I’m eager to share my location when I am away from home.  But I am not going to turn on and off location-based applications every time I leave the house or come home.  It can’t be that hard to develop a “safe zone” that just tells people that I am in the town, without sharing my precise location.