The Joys of Internet Job Hunting.

It’s funny how much I wish I could explain every answer on online job application surveys.  I know there is probably a psychological profile going on more so than the answers to specific questions, but when they ask a question like “If you are the manager, and you find out an employee has been stealing, but the amount is less than $5, would you fire them?” and my only answer choices are “Yes” and “No,” I find myself reasoning with the computer screen.

It totally depends on the situation.  Was this a first offense?  How long have they been here? Do they understand how serious it is to be stealing from the company?  What were the extenuating circumstances that led to the theft?  Do I have an overall feeling of dissatisfaction with their work?  Do I get the feeling that they are genuinely repentant, and aren’t going to do it again?

So, I go with “No,” hoping that I am not therefore being portrayed as the type of guy who just lets people steal from the company.  Because I’m not.  But I’m more fundamentally the type of guy who is more concerned with people growing and maturing, and being given the freedom to fail once before we show them the door.

I’d much rather interview in person.  That’s what I’m getting at.  But until then, I’ll talk to the computer screen.