Do you want Education, or do you want Hype?

I just read this great piece on CNN. You should read that, and come back here for my commentary.

I have previously written about my disdain for almost all of the corporate “news” outlets. And the above-linked article is further proof of my theory. The article is about economic theory from an economist. It’s not about politics. But right there in the middle of it, the interviewer tries as hard as he can to appropriately label the conversation:

Screen Capture, yo.

What’s the point of the question? Why even ask if he is conservative or liberal? This journalist seemingly has no concept for someone who can simultaneously agree with a liberal and a conservative.

Here’s the only reasons I can think of that you ask the question: (1) you want to label him and put him in a box that you either have already discredited or already agree with, instead of learning from him. (2) You want a soundbyte that you can play across all of the 25 networks in your corporation that will either infuriate the base, or solidify the base, for your particular organization. (3)You want hype, not education. (4) You aren’t interested in solving the problem, just stirring the already angry hornets-nest that is the American political landscape.

Thank you for not participating in the hype, Mr. Rajan. Your answer turned the conversation back to an opportunity for education, dialog, and actual change.

Am I way off base, here? Why else do you ask that question?

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