Christmas Photos that Didn’t Make the Cut, Part 1.

I have a proposal (see how I segued from last post with that? Amazing.) for Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” fame. He needs to spend a day taking photos of young children for Christmas cards tamiflu 75 mg. It’d make him pine for the days of cleaning sewers and inseminating pigs.

Yesterday we took 98 photos to get our ONE Christmas card photo. I can’t show you that one until after the family/friends get it, because I’ve taken some justifiable heat in the past for people finding out things from a blog (like my son’s birth) that they thought should be found out other ways.

But I can show you some of the photos we aren’t going to be using. Like this one. Click to slightly enlarge.

Some thought bubbles would be great on this one. Oh for more time to post nonsense on my blog.

I lobbied hard for this one to be the one we used, with some fun “fill in the blank” thought bubbles just above each head. Maybe next year.

Just kidding. I didn’t actually lobby.

I’ll post some more rejects later on. There’s some good stuff in those 97 other photos.

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  1. For the record, we gave LB a cookie so he would sit down. Then he sat there with the cookie hanging out of his mouth. He wouldn’t eat it…he just left it hanging out, so I took it away and held the cookie above the camera…taunting him…like any good mother would. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing the funny Christmas pics of the boys! It’s always a joy to see them in person and via the web. I know you are the techno man and embrace the social networking outlets that are at your fingertips and that has benefited you greatly with your crusade and personal ventures. I appreciate you keeping in mind that for those of us who aren’t able to have the internet, twitter, or facebook at our fingertips still would like to be included before things are made public to the entire world wide web.

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