Happy (Diamond) Harbor Day.

On this day in 1941, we got attacked by Japan.

On this day in 2005, I drove 7 hours with a diamond ring in my pocket to “surprise” the woman of my dreams and propose.

I sang a song I wrote, asked her to marry me, she said yes, and I turned back on the UNC game. It was not nearly as unromantic as it sounds. I had driven 7 hours, and the game was almost over. Didn’t she have people to call and squeal at over the phone? How can I add to that conversation? I held her hand… and watched Tyler Hansbrough’s freshman year unfold tamiflu medicine.

I’d do it all over again, babe (and I’d probably have to be persuaded not to turn the game back on. Just putting that out there).

Happy engagement day. The Japanese drop bombs. I drop diamonds.