Dog Diarrhea: The Great Equalizer.

Here's the dog implicated in the crime.
Here’s the dog implicated in the crime.
My dog was trying to tell me something was up all morning. She was pacing, whining, and even when I took her out she just never seemed “done.”

So it shouldn’t have surprised me when she had diarrhea all over the living room carpet. But that is the sort of thing that will always be a surprise, whether you “saw the signs” or not.

After briefly considering simply lighting my apartment building on fire and cutting my losses, I started to clean up. Thank you Jacqueline for purchasing the carpet shampooer. Best purchase of our marriage.

The good thing about your dog pooping in the floor (not a common sentence-starter) is that it gives you opportunity to reevaluate your priorities. It immediately creates a nuanced distinction between urgent and important.

So in your marketing and social media strategy, you need to let the dog crap in the living room (so to speak) and figure out why you are doing things. Has urgency become your main motivator? Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re busy. But without a plan, all the busyness in the world won’t help you toward your goals.

You’ve gotta scoop up the poo before somebody steps in it and tracks it all over the house, I know. (Believe me, I know. There are some tasks that just have to happen each week, and some things have a way of propelling themselves to the top of the to-do list like dog-scat on a rug.

But is your entire day running from one pile to the next, never stepping back to get some systems in place to process piles—or better yet, prevent them altogether?

Take that step today—Contact me for a digital strategy session. If it’s not worth your money, I’ll give your money back.