Biking across North Carolina with a 1st Grader and a Preschooler.

When you take your almost 4-year-old and your 6-year-old on a biking trip, here are three lessons I’ve learned:

We went out riding in Mud Puddles. Because you only have these two at an age where dad is still cool for so long.
Observe proper mud puddle technique.

  1. Avoid gravel paths, unless point 2 applies.
  2. Repeat after me: “Incline first. Then long, slow decline back to the car.”
  3. Muddy puddles are mandatory.

Our goal for the year is to bike the distance from Cary to Greenwood, SC in 3-6 mile chunks as a part of our home school curriculum. It’s recess, science (hello, fun insects), and geography all rolled into one!

School started on July 25th (3.5 weeks ago), and so far we have logged a total of 31.7 miles worth of the Town of Cary’s greenways. Our best day was 6.9 miles in and around North Cary Park (love the Black Creek Greenway!)

Shout out to Cycling Spoken Here in Cary for keeping our bikes in tip-top shape for the journey. And no, they didn’t pay me to say that (though I wouldn’t object).

Google Maps tells me that it’s 101 miles door to door from our house to our nearest grandparents. So, that’s the first goal. I’m calling it Operation: Over The River.

We're about a third of the way to our first goal!
We’re about a third of the way to our first goal!

Once we “arrive” at the first set of grandparents’ house, we’ll set our sites on the other ones. The Total milage to get to Greenwood (by way of Winston-Salem) is 289 miles.

Think we can make it by the end of the school year in June 2015?

Post your encouragements to Benjamin and Theodore in the comments, and I’ll make sure to let them know how many of you are cheering them on! Also, stay tuned for video updates and milestones!

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  1. Go guys! We homeschool also (just graduated out a teen, 4 more teens and an almost 9 year old in the pipeline). I love this idea! One set of grandparents lives in Coopersville, MI and the other in Franklin, NC. That’s about 2200 miles apiece. Maybe we should map out friends along the way for short term goals. We better get moving!

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