Removing the Via: A Better Click To Tweet Tutorial

Mmm. Updated Plugin goodness for all!
Mmm. Updated Plugin goodness for all!

As of v3.1, the Better Click To Tweet WordPress plugin supports the ability to selectively remove the “via @YourTwitterHandle” (I’ll refer to it as simply the “via” from here on out) on a tweet-by-tweet basis.

This is useful for folks who want to leave the “via” in most of the time, but if they have a longer quote they want to make tweetable, they are now able to (when the need arises) leave off the “via” without wholesale removing it from tweets site-wide.

While this new functionality is enabled by default, existing users who don’t wish to use it will not be affected. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to leave the “via” off of a tweet:

Step 1: Include your Twitter username

For starters, if you ever want the “via” to show up, you need to include your Twitter username in the Better Click To Tweet settings at /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=better-click-to-tweet.

Once your Twitter username is saved, the “via” will show up by default, as always. If the username is not saved, the “via” will never show up, no matter how you format the shortcode in step 2.

Step 2: Format the shortcode

Now let’s say you’ve got a GREAT quote that is just slightly too long for the 117 characters you have left after the URL. To leave off the “via” so that your quote will fit, simply add via="no" to the shortcode. The resulting shortcode should look like this: bctt tweet="Some glorious quote" via="no" (put it inside of brackets [ ], of course)

That’s it! Your 115 character quote will shine through perfectly!

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Pro Tips and Troubleshooting:

  • the via="no" attribute is case sensitive, so via="No" will not work, and Via="no" will also not work.
  • If you use the visual editor, I’ve upgraded the javascript used to auto-generate the shortcode. All you have to do is uncheck the box to leave off the “via” (and again, it defaults to having the “via” show up automatically).

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