So, What Have You Done?

Thanks for asking! Here’s a sampling of my work (click on the image when applicable):

I Write

Blog-style conversational prose:

I edit and publish e-booklets


Guilty and Shamed

I designed and edited this e-booklet using Apple Keynote. I was in charge of editing content, design, and overall formatting. Clicking the image takes you to a blog post I wrote describing the impetus for the e-booklet and giving options for download. (use the .mov file if you are on a newer computer/browser!)



Safety First

This e-booklet project took me about 12 hours to complete (It was very time-sensitive for the client) using Apple Keynote. I edited the content, and designed and published it. Clicking the image will open a pdf. This pdf has been downloaded 100+ times.

I Develop and Design Custom WordPress Websites designed by Ben Meredith

Client provided the logo as a jumping-off point for the rest of the site. Client provided content and images. Two-week turn around from scratch.


Custom Logo design and WordPress website design by Ben Meredith

I designed the logo/header image and developed and implemented a multipage WordPress custom website for the client. This site performs extremely well for selected keyword searches on Google. Click the image to visit the site.

I Produce and Edit Video


Steve and Ruthie Luse

This is a video made for a church utilizing extensive b-roll, footage shot over a two week period, and multiple cameras. I produced, filmed, edited, and delivered the video.


Smoke Break, a film edited by Ben Meredith

Smoke Break

I was the editor for a 48-hour film project in Asheville, NC. All of the editing was done in one night. Click the image to watch the video entitled “Smoke Break.”


Religious Heresy, a video produced and edited by Ben Meredith

Religious Heresy

I was involved with every detail of this video from preproduction through filming/interviewing all the participants, to editing and delivery. Click the image to watch “Religious Heresy.”


Video editing and photoshop logo creation by Ben Meredith

SCSP ’09

This project showcases some photoshop vector design work on the logo, and then the logo being placed into a simple video shot and edited by me for a student conference. Click the image to watch the video.

I have extensive Adobe Photoshop experience

Wordpress Development and customization by Ben Meredith

Vector based Logo

I designed the logo, and incorporated it into an search engine friendly, simple WordPress custom website. (client invested in more full featured website since that time)



Tahoe Sunrise

I was photographer and editor for this one, and it took some hiking to be in just the right spot before the sun came up. Click the image for the larger version.



Family Portrait Work

This work was done for a client looking for some family shots for holiday cards. I shot the photos and edited them. Click the image for the larger version.




This was among my first forays into vector based photo editing, a conference notebook cover. Click the image to view the full file.



PSD Web front

I designed a mockup of a potential website (that I didn’t end up using but I liked it nonetheless). Click the image for the full mockup.


Photoshop design and typography manipulation by Ben Meredith

Road Trippin’

This project was a test of typography manipulation and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop CS4. Clicking the image will show you a larger version.


Interested in finding out more? Call me at (828)515-1236.

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