Say It Where Somebody Can Hear It: Part 5 of My Employment Bio

(this is part 5. you should start the story here if you haven’t already)

If you’ve never been fired, I highly recommend it. Nothing to date has compared with the level of clarity and grounding that has taken place as a result of getting let go from a job I thought I took for the long haul.

Note: this is a 2015 re-do on this part of my story, with references to future posts. The original version was where I thought I wanted to produce content. I still like content creation, but my main business has pivoted to the code side of the web.

In 2013 I became rather abruptly self-employed, and started putting out feelers to folks asking to do something—anything—in the communication and web-entrepreneurship space.

My first client (who I literally offered via cold-email to “change the digital bed-pans” for) was Alexis Grant. You can read more about what I did for her by clicking her name, but the short version is that I had a crash course in digital business and enough financial margin to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up.

That led me (back) to WordPress.

During my work with Alexis, I began teaching myself a ton more about the web, in conjunction with my fire-hose of content marketing learning I was getting from managing her business.

When her business was acquired by Taylor Media in 2015, I was primed to launch my business as a full-fledged developer. I do hosting, backups, maintenance, as well as full site designs. I can also help with content.

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