Baby En Route. ETA T minus 4 days

So, does it ever hit you that you are about to have a child?  And that said child will be here before you see another weekend?  This is our last Sunday in the life phase “married without kids.”  Pretty crazy stuff.  And a really nice side effect of having a scheduled cesarean. 

We had planned on doing the whole “natural childbirth” thing, even hired a doula, and gotten all ready for it.  Then, about five weeks ago, Ben Jr. made the executive decision that going head down was not going to happen, and he’d be just fine hanging out with his head in Jacqueline’s ribcage.  So, we started reading up on c-sections, and getting psyched up to go that route, in the event that he didn’t do a somersault. 

Fast forward five weeks.  Still no respite for Jacq’s ribcage, and now we have a (birth)date!  May 22nd (THIS THURSDAY) we will be parents!  We will be using this blog to keep folks updated as we process the events leading up to and following the birth, and, with any luck, we’ll have some great photos to share as well. 

For now, please be praying for the following things:

  • Pray that baby Ben and Mom make it through the surgery without a hitch, and that I (not-so-baby Ben) would be a great comfort and help to Jacq.
  • Pray that Jacq and I would give each other tons of grace through this process.
  • Pray for Jacq to heal quickly!
  • Pray for the financial side of things… that God would provide all the funds needed to pay for the whole deal!

Bumpy roads, pressure points, and other wives tales.

So we’re ready to have a baby.  The title of this post contains a few of the measures we have used in the past two days to try and encourage Ben Jr. into the mood to make his exit.  We’re definitely eager to meet him!

Keep praying for us, and for him.  No big changes yet to report.  We have a “pre-op” doctor’s appointment tomorrow where they tell us stuff that I am pretty sure we already know.  I’ll keep you posted. 

It’s a BOY!

So we already knew it was a boy, but it sounded like an appropriate title.  Benjamin Lee Meredith Jr got here at 0847, according to my wristband.  He weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz.  Does anyone else find it interesting that the next time his weight would be the first thing used to introduce him would be if he wrestles in high school?  He started the journey of life at 19 and 3/4 inches long, unfolded.  And his head is 15 inches around.  Just slightly larger than his dad’s biceps.

Neither Jacqueline nor I have had any sleep, but we are so excited to have him and be able to ogle and coo at him.  Enjoy some more pics coming soon!

Both baby and mommy are doing great!  More updates coming soon.

The Bouncy-dad trick.

I was present for a good 100% of Jacqueline’s pregnancy, and I don’t remember her doing many cartwheels, jumping jacqs (couldn’t resist) or riding any roller coasters.  But that doesn’t change the fact that last night just about the only thing that would make little Ben settle down was the ‘bouncy-dad’ maneuver.  You know the one I’m talking about.  I hold him, and gently (but exaggeratedly) bounce/dance around the room.  He loves it, and the squalls become coos and eventually snores.

It was fun, but quite a workout.  If I even slowed down, much less attempted to sit down, I was accosted with a shrill baby lung-full of dissatisfaction.  And his lungs held more than you’d think, for just having used them for 15 hours or so.

All in all, not counting the one emotional breakdown that I had at hour 21 with no sleep, it was a great first night.  I enjoyed bouncing him back to sleep, or at least bouncing until he calmed and I got the ‘both eyes open’ look you see above.  It was fantastic.  Here’s hoping for a “two hours in a row” break tonight! 

For those who have asked, mama Jacq is doing great.  She walked to the nurses station today, which was a great feat.  She’s already back to solid foods, and eager to get back on her feet.  Now my job becomes encouraging patience (and changing diapers!)  As a side note, I am such a crybaby that I got emotional changing his diaper for the first time last night.  I can’t wait to read this again in 2 years and get a great kick out of that line.  But it’s true.  I cried changing a diaper.  There, I said it.

Oh, and we added some more pics to the Baby Photo Page. Enjoy!

We are outtie (like Junior’s belly button)

We have made it through the second full night, and have just gotten clearance from Mom’s doctor and Baby’s doctor to hit the road!  Just one more feeding, and we will be set to go!  Ben Jr’s  doing great, Jacq’s doing great, and I am so ready to go the land of comfortable seating/sleeping.  Who knew having a baby could make dad’s back so sore?

So, praise the Lord that we get to knock one night’s stay off this “hotel” bill!  We are so thankful that God has answered every single prayer with a “yes!” so far this week.  From Jacq recovering more quickly than expected to Baby Ben being 100% healthy to him learning in no time to nurse to us getting a few great hours of sleep last night as we “tag-teamed” soothing/feeding/bouncing/changing duties.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers, too!  God said yes! (unless of course you prayed toward our detriment, in which case I take back my gratitude)

If you live in Asheville or are otherwise planning on coming to visit, you are welcomed to, just call before you come and we will feel the freedom to respectfully postpone you if mom or baby needs more time.  Be prepared to do a chore before you get to hold little Ben, also!