We are outtie (like Junior’s belly button)

We have made it through the second full night, and have just gotten clearance from Mom’s doctor and Baby’s doctor to hit the road!  Just one more feeding, and we will be set to go!  Ben Jr’s  doing great, Jacq’s doing great, and I am so ready to go the land of comfortable seating/sleeping.  Who knew having a baby could make dad’s back so sore?

So, praise the Lord that we get to knock one night’s stay off this “hotel” bill!  We are so thankful that God has answered every single prayer with a “yes!” so far this week.  From Jacq recovering more quickly than expected to Baby Ben being 100% healthy to him learning in no time to nurse to us getting a few great hours of sleep last night as we “tag-teamed” soothing/feeding/bouncing/changing duties.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers, too!  God said yes! (unless of course you prayed toward our detriment, in which case I take back my gratitude)

If you live in Asheville or are otherwise planning on coming to visit, you are welcomed to, just call before you come and we will feel the freedom to respectfully postpone you if mom or baby needs more time.  Be prepared to do a chore before you get to hold little Ben, also!