Baby En Route. ETA T minus 4 days

So, does it ever hit you that you are about to have a child?  And that said child will be here before you see another weekend?  This is our last Sunday in the life phase “married without kids.”  Pretty crazy stuff.  And a really nice side effect of having a scheduled cesarean. 

We had planned on doing the whole “natural childbirth” thing, even hired a doula, and gotten all ready for it.  Then, about five weeks ago, Ben Jr. made the executive decision that going head down was not going to happen, and he’d be just fine hanging out with his head in Jacqueline’s ribcage.  So, we started reading up on c-sections, and getting psyched up to go that route, in the event that he didn’t do a somersault. 

Fast forward five weeks.  Still no respite for Jacq’s ribcage, and now we have a (birth)date!  May 22nd (THIS THURSDAY) we will be parents!  We will be using this blog to keep folks updated as we process the events leading up to and following the birth, and, with any luck, we’ll have some great photos to share as well. 

For now, please be praying for the following things:

  • Pray that baby Ben and Mom make it through the surgery without a hitch, and that I (not-so-baby Ben) would be a great comfort and help to Jacq.
  • Pray that Jacq and I would give each other tons of grace through this process.
  • Pray for Jacq to heal quickly!
  • Pray for the financial side of things… that God would provide all the funds needed to pay for the whole deal!