Lessons Learned from Lexi: A Case-Study in Gratitude.

My favorite client. Buy something from her and tell her I said hey.
My favorite client. Buy something from her and tell her I said hey.

This is a bit of a sequel to my employment bio, adding the clarity that comes from almost a year of “going solo.”

Over the past few months, I’ve landed a few clients that have paid the bills, and challenged me to grow in so many ways.

The role/client that I am proudest of over the past six months is my work with Socialexis as “Lead Overachiever.”

First off—and this is a thoroughly unsolicited plug—Alexis Grant is the real deal. She’s some sort of superhuman mixture of top-notch writer meets shrewd and intensely driven businesswoman. I’ve been perhaps most thankful for her management style: she allows team members freedom to shine without micromanagement, while at the same time not letting go of what makes her brand special—her. When you are a Socialexis client, you are getting the best of her, dumped into all of us.

I’ve taken over many of the day-to-day activities that Lexi did in her business in order to free her to work on her business. And that has taken some time (we’ll call it “ongoing”) as we have learned to work together and I’m growing in my ability to manage more and more tasks exactly how she would. I’m so thankful for her patience with me.

There’s no doubt that she took a chance on me back in July, asking me to help out. I am so grateful for that chance. Keep your eye on her, as I am confident she is going places.

So, do yourself a favor, and subscribe to updates from Lexi. She’s most applicable to folks who are writers, or entrepreneurs, or just generally interesting in living the life they want to live. While you are at her site, buy a guide or two. I’ve read all of them and can tell you they are what I wish I wrote on the topic, in most cases! They are all worth the money.

My favorite is the Side Hustle guide.