The one book you should purchase TODAY.

I shared recently about my work for Socialexis and the great enjoyment I’ve had working for and alongside Alexis Grant.

Today you have the great opportunity to hear straight from her some fantastic ways to move toward doing work you love.

She launched her first Amazon e-book! Today only, the thing is just 99 cents.

Click here to go on over to Amazon and buy it before you read my review.

Here's a snippet of the cover. Very well done stuff!
Here’s a snippet of the cover. Very well done stuff!
I have access to a free copy, but I believe in what she is doing so I went and forked over the extra dollar to read it myself. I just spent the last hour or so breezing through it.

Spoiler alert: this book is refreshing.

The only critique I’ve got is that if you don’t know Lexi, you might come away from this thing thinking how impractical and pie-in-the-sky some of the ideas she shares are. Surely nobody could practically put into action the things she talks about, in the real world!

But if you do know Lexi, say for example you work alongside her every day, you’d know that she’s simply saying out loud what we see every day. This is her play book for actually enjoying her job.

The way Amazon works, they reward (and showcase) books that are popular, which makes them more popular. Launch day is crucial. The more people who buy it today, the better. Also, leaving a review helps tremendously.

I am not an Amazon affiliate (I live in North Carolina where that is impossible because our lawmakers live in 1998), so you can know that I am legitimately trying to help Alexis with her first e-book.

So go ahead and buy it for a measly 99 cents. Tell her I sent you!