Are you a Writer? Don’t Miss This.

I’ve gushed before about the team I work with over at Socialexis.

Today has been circled in our Socialexis calendar for months with the code “TWL Bndl” in digital red marker. But we’ll get back to that.

A few months ago Alexis and the team launched a site designed to help writers called The Write Life. I was minimally involved in the first-time set up, as I was still coming on board with the team at the time. Right out of the gate, the site got more traffic than anything I’ve ever been a part of, quickly reaching 30,000 unique visitors in a month by October (its 4th month). That number has only trended upward, closing out nearly 90,000 unique visitors in February (a short month).

The secret sauce is that the content is really helpful and targeted toward an engaged niche on the web: people who want to make a living by writing.

A few months ago Lexi announced to a few team members her goal of launching a product bundle. It’s a bundle of digital products worth nearly $800 bundled together and sold for $79 for a few days only.

She tasked me with the “tech side” of delivering the digital product and shoring up the site to be able to handle a flood of traffic without crumpling under the server load. I was also on hand for minor website tweaks and extensive testing of sales flow.

I am proud to say that with the help of a few really smart people, we feel ready for a flood of traffic this morning.

So, tell all of your friends who are writers or want to be: this product bundle is a STEAL. Go pick up your bundle today. After 11:59 PM on Wednesday March 19th, 2014 you’ll have to go back to paying $800 for all these goodies.

But as the server-side tech guy, can I ask you all to form a single file line to visit the website, just in case?

Get the Bundle TODAY

Update 10:45 AM:The site is doing fantastically. Credit it to the Media Temple hosting and some sweet server-side tweaks we’ve put in place. I went ahead and upgraded the server to the level 4 tier just to be safe. It was literally less than 5 seconds before I saw this happen to the memory usage (the brown line)

What a difference a few moments make.
What a difference a few moments make.