1 Month with Republic Wireless: 1 Mild Annoyance.

I’ll periodically check back in here to tell you how things are going with switching from AT&T to Republic Wireless.

I'm not quite as thrilled as the people on Republic Wireless' website, but I'm very close.
I’m not quite as thrilled as the people on Republic Wireless’ website, but I’m very close.
After a month on the service, there has only been one annoyance, which is likely not an issue with Republic.

This has only happened once or twice, but sometimes when I am calling over wifi my wife has mentioned my voice distorting. In each case, something else was also happening on the wifi (a video upload in one case, and streaming music in another). Also, our office Time Warner Cable Internet package is the lowest one you can get, bandwidth-wise, with upload speeds less than 1 Mbps, and only 3 Mbps download.

Our home Internet is not much faster, but I haven’t experienced any issues there. I don’t talk on the phone all that much—preferring text or email—so I’m not the best reference point for voice quality issues.

My AT&T number took about 15 hours to fully port over, and it was a seamless process—I didn’t even have to restart the Moto X.

The phone is still easily the best phone I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned 3 different iPhones, an HTC One X, Motorola Atrix 2, and some older Androids) for battery life, ease of use, and dictation. I haven’t been able to fool the dictation software no matter how fast I speak. I’m considering doing a video to demonstrate it. It’s uncanny.

I’ll keep you posted (especially once my wife gets the service) for how well it is working out. At this point, I’m well into the “thrilled” camp, and the new-gadget excitement has officially worn off.

In the meantime, if you do decide to sign up, both of us get $19 off if you use this URL: http://benlikes.us/republic

Also, I’ve nearly talked my pastor (an iPhone user) into making the switch, and if he does I’ll document how to switch everything over from Apple to Motorola/Android. Spoiler alert: it’ll be pretty painless, and you’ll wonder why you stayed with Apple so long.