Lies are tough. The truth will kill you. When you enter interpersonal conflict with the truth, you have to be careful with it… just to drop truth from 20,000 feet and hope that it works is careless, and dangerous.

Josiah, one of our pastors.

Pastor Lee: what are some things you are afraid of?

Kid #1: vampires

Kid #2: tarantulas

Pastor Lee: I’m afraid of the Burger King. He’s kind of creepy.

Lee Ferguson, as a preface to a sermon on confessing God as “the Father aimighty” and how that leads to a life freed from fear.

It is easy to get wrapped up in some good aspect of the church (apologetics, politics, you name it) and miss the core—that it’s about Jesus. Then, all of a sudden, church becomes all about that lesser thing, and not about Christ.

Josiah Bancroft