Lay in the Floor. Laugh at the Wall.

My son likes to mess with the spring-style door stop on the wall between our rooms when he gets up in the morning.  It’s near the top of his to-do list every day.

6:35 AM: “boinggg.  boyoiinng…. boyoyoyoing.”

It helps me to remember that no matter how hard, messy, and difficult life is–he’s concerned about the neat noise that door stop makes.  And I think he’s onto something.  Life is stressful, MPD is difficult.  But God wants me to lay my head down beside LB on the carpet, and be amazed by the sound of a door stop.  I can’t think of a better use of my time.

When’s the last time you stopped to make funny noises with a door stop?  That big problem will wait.  In fact, in light of the joy you find laying in the floor with a toddler laughing at the wall, those big problems don’t seem so big anymore.