Contributions (click here after reading below)

Link: Contributions (click here after reading below)

For those that don’t know, Campus Crusade for Christ staff members raise their own salary, benefits charges, and ministry expenses.

We don’t see it as just asking for financial support, but as an appeal to partnership.  We want a team of people to reach college students with the gospel.  We volunteer to be the members of that team that go out and beat the bushes on the college campus.  But we need a team of people behind us to “hold the rope” financially and prayerfully.

We Christians get a bad rap for always asking for money.  I realize that.  This is not an appeal for you to send money if you don’t want college students to hear the gospel, or if you aren’t a Christian yourself.  Skip this post and stay tuned for more content that will be decidedly more light-hearted and fun.  But if you are a Christian, and you do want to see college students reached with the gospel, we need you.  Our team is not complete, and with the addition of the new little boy, our needs have increased.  Please prayerfully consider supporting us with your prayers and your giving.  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

"You should be in sales"

I just got off the phone with a sweet lady whose name I was given by a friend of a friend and told she would have a heart for ministry, and would be encouraged to hear what we do with Campus Crusade here in Western NC. I have had a hard time connecting with her, left a series of messages, and then when I do get in touch with her, two things are clear. First, she is a very busy lady, and has a lot on her plate. Second, she seems to have a real heart for the Lord and is very nice.

<aside>I go to great lengths when calling folks to try and set up appointments to not be the guy that is just a slick salesman telemarketer trying to con my way into getting people on the hook by the end of the call. That’s not my heart at all. I am not selling them anything. I am offering what I believe to be a great way to invest their time, energy, prayers, and finances. I really believe what I am doing to be a calling, not just a job, and I believe that just as God has called me to share the gospel on college campuses, he has called others to support me, my wife, and my child while I go about doing that. Furthermore, I believe he has called me to join him in developing that team of financial and prayerful partners, by making phone calls, setting up appointments, sharing joyfully what he is doing, and asking boldly for people to join with me.

I tried to communicate all of that (in two minutes) to this sweet lady, and what I heard happening (despite my best efforts) was her feeling pressured. She said that she was not able to help financially, and I responded (very truthfully) that one of the main reason I meet with people is not the finances, it’s the partnership. I want people praying, aware of what God is doing, and excited about it. I also don’t know enough people in the area that have a heart for the Lord, and have spent the past week calling the same 10 people each night. So another reason to meet is to allow her and her husband to introduce me to others in their sphere of influence who I might call and invite to join us in reaching college students for Christ. When I said that, she said she’d love to meet, would love to hear what we are doing, but are just slammed with many things, ranging from planning a wedding for a daughter to running a business, and that I should “call back after we get her married off.”

I totally understood, communicated that, and asked if August or September would be a good time to contact her. She laughed and said “I don’t know Ben, but you should be in sales!”

I didn’t take that as a compliment. I was trying, in fact, to communicate exactly the opposite message from that of a salesman. A salesman is worried about the sale. I was far more concerned in the conversation with hearing her, and all of the craziness in her world, and wanted to figure out when I could call back and not be a bother, but instead be a blessing. So I asked for a specific date to call back. She seemed bothered by that.

Instead of clearly communicating what I did in the last paragraph, I stammered something about getting in touch with her in the fall, and hung up the phone.

I share all of this to provide some context for those of you who have never raised a significant amount of financial support. I am not just about people writing me a fat check. (Though fat checks, made out to Campus Crusade, and mailed to me are never frowned upon) I am about giving people a chance to worship God with their wallets. Do I think I am the only missionary worth giving to? Absolutely not. Do I think that I am somehow entitled to people not confusing me with a telemarketer? Nope. But I am human, and doing something of far more worth than telemarketing.

So, even though I might be a good salesman, please don’t suggest it as a career path when I call.   I’d be a terrible salesman.  The reason I am so persistent in my current profession is because I really believe in it.  My career is evangelism, or trusting God to do the impossible, in bringing his enemies into the family, and giving them a new heart. I need people to support me in my current career, I don’t need a new one.

We’re On a Mission from God. And Our Obstetrician.

My wife is 32 weeks pregnant this week.  For the non-parent males in the audience, that’s 8 more weeks until full term.  Additionally, non-parent males, it’s not a cakewalk to carry around a child that is literally snuggling with your bladder, and punching it from time to time.

Yet today we hit the road on a support trip.  I’m carting her all the way up to Asheville for a few days, and then down I-26 on Sunday to South Carolina for a couple of days.  During that time we’ll be meeting with interested folks to share the amazing things God is doing around our region, and challenging folks to partner with us financially and prayerfully. On Tuesday we’ll be coming back through Winston-Salem.  How long we stay around here is up in the air.

Here’s where you come in.  I’d love it if you’d do one of three things:

  1. If you are into praying (I hear it burns calories and is good for circulation) I’d appreciate it if you’d pray for God to lead us to the right folks with whom to partner.
  2. If you are in Asheville or the Upstate, and you’d like to hear about all that God is doing in and through us, shoot us a message to and let’s schedule a time.  Better yet, see where you fit into our schedule (and propose a time to meet) by clicking here.
  3. If you are not in one of those places and want to see us get back to our assignment fully funded by August (our prayer goal), put your money where your heart is by clicking here. (follow a three step process that follows.  All the cool kids are doing it)

I’m carting around a very pregnant wife and a toddler, because I think this mission is worth it.  We’re so thrilled by what God is doing, and we really want you to know about it.  Prayerfully, this can be a trip that catapults us closer to being fully funded, so that we can be about reaching college students with the greatest story ever told. Now go on back up there and click a link or two.