"He’s 6′ 4", 106…"

That’s the info the nurses gave to the anesthesiologist right before my dad went in for (surprise) cardiac bypass surgery this afternoon.  If you’ve seen my dad, you might know that the last time my dad was clocking in at 106 on any scale was before he became the tallest 9th grader in his class.  He’s not a small guy.  So I was about to interrupt and tell the nurses their scale was broken when she clarified, “106 Kilograms.”  Right.  So, closer to 240 pounds.  That’s the dad I know and love.

He went in for surgery after a long day of tests revealed one of his arteries had 99% blockage.  Single bypass surgery, and he did great.  He’s out now, recovering.  The goal is to have him walking before bedtime.

Thanks for those of you who prayed.  I really appreciate it.  We’ll keep you posted.

Jacqueline and I came back to Asheville to get ready for the road trip (leaving at about 6 AM on Sunday to travel cross-country), but we’re keeping up with the goings-on back at Forsyth Hospital in Winston.