Skis, Boots, Poles, and Funny.

I’ve written before about sleep-redecorating and my plea to recognize it as a sport.  Today I upped the ante a bit.  But it’s not the first time.  Let me take you back.

In college a friend and I were zealous to really walk with the Lord, and so for a semester my sophomore year we would wake up at 7 AM to pray together.  We’d pray for personal needs as well as for things going on around the world.  In fact, we prayed the entire semester for him and a girl he was interested in who continually gave him the cold shoulder.  Now, 9 years later, they are married and just had their second child.  Prayer works.

But back to the story.  One morning as we were praying, it was my turn.  We had some friends who were missionaries in East Asia, and I was praying for them, out loud.  Then, I began to pray for their skis, boots, and poles, and that God would bless them….

…wait, what?

It sounded just as absurd then as it does now.  I had fallen asleep literally mid-sentence and in my dream I had seen skis, boots and poles leaned up against a wall.  So logically that’s what I talked about, to God.

Some people talk in their sleep.  I talk to God into my sleep.

This morning as I was slowly waking up and preparing to get out of bed, Jacqueline came in the room and I began telling her about my dream last night, and it happened again.  I fell asleep mid-sentence, and began rambling on about something totally off topic.

I’m working on taking this skill to the next level and to fall asleep while praying in front of large groups of people.  I just hope I’m not standing up.