The amazing power of the interwebs.

I am taking a short break from my video editing, and I just discovered one of the coolest additions to a blog or website that I have seen in a while.  It’s called “RefTagger” and its put out by Logos, the same company that makes off-the-charts Bible software that I hope to own someday.  Now, when I type in a verse reference like Romans 10:9-10 or 1 Cor. 13:8 or Nahum 3:5-6 it will automagically make those into links, and make it to where mousing over the link pops up the verse!  How cool is that?

Galatians 6:11


Link: YouVersion

I’ve been trying out recently, and the fact that it combines with an iPhone app, includes a journal, a place to comment on passages, and many other features has been really neat.  I’m able to really interact with the scriptures, and post my thoughts.  I haven’t read regularly out of a paper Bible in at least a year!  Check it out, and sign up for a free account!