Corporate memos from American Jesus.

It’s my culture’s fault.

It’s my parent’s fault.

It’s my child’s fault.

If it wasn’t for those things, I would have read my Bible yesterday.  Or the day before.  And furthermore, if I had read my Bible, I would have some great insight into life to blog about today.

These are a few of my favorite lies.

The bottom line is that I should read my Bible.  Or is that the bottom line?  I wrote it unquestioningly enough.  It flowed right out of my brain, through my fingers, and spilled all over the blog. I have been conditioned to say things like “I should read my Bible more” or “I should pray more” or “I should share my faith more.”  The question being, who or what conditioned me to say those things?

I am so prone to make my relationship with God into an exercise in efficiency.  I Americanize Jesus.  I make him about the bottom line, only it’s not a financial bottom line, it’s things like “how many people came to Christ” or “lives changed,” or to CCC it up a bit “movements everywhere.”  And Jesus becomes my CEO and corporate president, pushing me to figure out more and more ways to see our corporate vision become a reality.

That turns my apporach to the Bible into reading the corporate memo.  And, while avoiding conjecture about God’s feelings, I would rather Jacqueline not read a love note from me if she is going to read it as though it were a corporate memo.

It’s time to go find the love note I left on the bedside table.