It’s pronounced Koh-sheets-say…

Another story in our summer series “Laborers Sent”

Lindsey, by her own admission, is getting used to having her plans changed.  Plans like where to attend college (College of Charleston became her hometown school of Clemson) and what to pursue a degree in (Medicine became Elementary Education).  But it is safe to say that no plans changed more drastically than her plan to never become a missionary.

That’s not to say that she was extremely against the idea.  More like it never crossed her mind.  Through her involvement with Campus Crusade during her four years at Clemson, she gained a lot, but nothing sticks out more in her mind than developing a heart to see others impacted with the gospel.  On a summer missions trip after her sophomore year with CCC to Kosice, Slovakia, God interrupted her plans for a safe, “normal,” suburban American life by giving her a glimpse of his heart for the nations.

The Lord changed my heart from one who never, ever saw herself as a missionary, to one who was passionate about going back to Slovakia one day to live and minister to Slovak students. Now, two years later, this call from the Lord is being realized. I’m going back to Slovakia for a year!

Lindsey is eager to get to Slovakia to minister hope to the students there. And it looks like those plans won’t need changing.

If you’d like to help Lindsey financially, check out this link, and tell her I sent you.