Golden Compass

I just watched the golden compass. Well produced film. It’s pretty sad that Christians made such a fuss out of not going to see this film, since that directly plays into the bias of the filmmakers. They are trying to make the point (as far as I can tell) that the church is in the business of surpressing the truth. What better way to prove their point than to protest their film? As Christians (and especially Protestant Christians) we ought to be about people seeing this film. It promotes standing against forces that keep us from discovering the truth. Sure, there is an anti-church agenda going on, but it is secondary to the pro-truth agenda. And of all things, I think the church should be about uncovering and exposing the truth. I agree with the filmmakers when they make the statement that the truth is far more valuable than church tradition. Furthermore, I agree that there has been some pretty jacked up corruption in the church, historically. Let’s expose the truth.

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