Financial Reality Check.

We are in the midst of the craziness.  The first six weeks of class are upon us, and God is doing what only he can do, inclining the hearts of students to hear the gospel.  It is a great time to be in campus ministry!

But, to be honest, there are a lot of things looming in the back of our minds, and at times making a dash for the front of our minds.  As you know if you’ve been around our blog for very long, issues like Benjamin’s possible need for surgery and our desperate need for more monthly financial support have been a distraction from giving our full energy to ministering to students on campus.  We have experienced a full range of emotions, and have repeatedly needed to remind ourselves of our position in Christ and the truth of the gospel.

The fact is, at the rate we are losing financial support, we will have to pull off campus full time within the next month to raise support (during the most critical time to be on campus).  And if we don’t see dramatic increases in our support, we will have to leave staff very soon.  I have had the verse from 1 Timothy 5:8 (if anyone doesn’t provide for his family, he is worse than an unbeliever) ringing in my ears for the past few months, and as much as I love ministering to students, my primary ministry is to my family.  I have been tirelessly making phone calls all summer long, trusting the Lord to raise the support we need.  We have seen some progress, but not at the rate we really need it.

Please pray with us that the Lord would bring in the support we need, and enable us to minister to students with all of our energy.  I have never in my staff career felt more energized to be in ministry, and I really feel like now more than ever I am working out of my strengths, and seeing God use my meager efforts.  Pray with me that God would continue to use our ministry to change lives, and that he would provide all we need to keep doing that.