Little Man Update

We heard back from the Plastic Surgeon (more baby-head-surgeon than celebrity-face-lift surgeon, in case you are concerned) who is going to be doing Benjamin’s surgery, and wanted to update and let people know that we have a consultation on September 2nd.

The surgery (and therefore the consultation) is going to take place in Winston-Salem, at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  That works out great, since my (Ben’s) parents live there, and it gives us the ability to just focus all of our energy on being patients in the hospital, without having to play hosts at the same time for all the parents who will (hopefully and expectedly) be in town for the surgery.

The receptionist at the plastic surgeon’s office, though, probably thinks I am an idiot.  I had a lot of trouble trying to verbalize the question “How soon after the consultation do you expect to schedule the surgery?” without it coming across like I wanted her to do an over-the-phone consultation meeting right then with me.  Finally we found a common language (English, it turns out) that enabled her to answer that there is no way of knowing before the consultation how soon they will schedule the surgery, but that we could probably expect it to be at least a week later.  So, it looks like we will become intimate with the 141 miles of I-40 between Asheville and Winston over the next few months, between consultations, surgery, followups, and the like.  Good thing gas prices aren’t high, at all.  (Note healthy dose of sarcasm)

Please continue praying for the MRI, which takes place on Monday at 1:30 PM EDT.  We can definitely feel your prayers in a way that I never have before.  Thanks so much for really showing us what it means for others to bear our burdens.