The Results are in!

We just heard back from the geneticist with the results of the MRI.  My son has a partial corpus callosum.

Don’t know much more than that, as of yet, and we will be meeting with both the geneticist and the pediatrician on Friday of this week to learn more about what all of this means.

As of right now, what they have told us is that it will more than likely not manifest any symptoms or developmental issues until later in life (high school age) and then it would be a difficulty with more abstract reasoning.

So far I don’t think I have really engaged with the diagnosis.  It is good to know, I guess, but it really doesn’t change anything.  It’s not like we are gonna have to open up his head and put an after-market corpus callosum in there.  He just doesn’t have all of it.  Nothing we can do about it.

Of course, now this diagnosis has set into motion a whole bevy of other testing to see if he has other syndromes and issues that are often coincidental with corpus callosum disorders.  So, some blood tests are next, which they will take care of on Friday.

If any of you are interested in researching more about corpus callosum disorders, check out

Thanks for the prayers.  Pray with us that we would rejoice in God in the midst of this stuff.  He hasn’t taken His hands off the wheel.