Manual Labor Day.

I just got done operating a John Deere tractor, tilling up the garden at my parents’ house.  We are here in Winston because Jenn and Clyde’s wedding yesterday got us about halfway here, and we have the consultation at the surgeon here (at Baptist Hospital) tomorrow.  Stay tuned, as I am sure I will be updating the blog as soon as we know more and are able to process it all. (as you may have found out, I process it by writing it down)

Yesterday at the wedding it was so great to see a ton of staff friends, and get to connect.  Being on staff with Campus Crusade is great, because you get to be a part of a big, messy family.  There are something like 200 people on staff in our region with the Campus ministry (as opposed to, say, the Jesus Film ministry or the Military ministry), and we get to see them all just a few times per year.  So a wedding between two of them is a great chance to get to see them an extra time!

It was an emotionally draining time, though, because many of our staff family are not as into blogs as we are, so many didn’t know about Benjamin’s health issues.  It’s funny having to discern here in the south whether or not someone is really asking “how are you doing” or just saying it to fill up air.  I do the same thing, so I am not throwing rocks, just saying that when “We are doing good” is not the whole truth (and at times an outright fabrication), it makes for an interesting answer to the question.  I just have to remind myself that, in Christ, I am getting far better than I deserve, in spite of the circumstances.  So I can say “I’m doing good!” and not be lying.  Because everybody doesn’t want to know.

I could just hand them a card that says “read the blog” when people ask me how I’m doing…  That’s a thought…