Obama and McCain

Fear often helps us reveal our idols.  If I am inordinately afraid, it is often because an idol of mine is being threatened.  If the thought of Obama winning scares me, it because an idol of mine (free-market capitalism? lower taxes for the wealthy?  smaller government? defense against terrorism?) is being threatened.  Likewise, if the thought of McCain winning scares me,  it is because and idol of mine (the environment? a regulated economy? affordable healthcare? saving face internationally?) is being threatened.

So, as we all sit and watch the election results roll in (and it looks like it’s going to be a landslide for Obama!), we need to ask the question “why am I nervous when it looks like “my candidate” isn’t winning?”  And in answering that question, we will find our idols.

And the thing to do with idols is to turn from them to the only God who can actually save us.  Repent, Americans.  Obama can’t save you.  Jesus can.