Turns out…

My post yesterday was prophetic (or at least pathetic).  Hansbrough’s free throw to tie the ballgame at 58 (with 13:27 to go) was the last time Carolina would tie the game.  Wake Forest just simply wanted that one more than we did.  And Jeff Teague is a baller.  But he still air-balled a free throw.

Take that, Jeff Teague.

As much as I love Roy Williams, I can’t help but think when you don’t show up for three big games in a row (Kansas, Boston College, and Wake), it has to come down to something he is saying or not saying before the games.  We looked scared all night in all three games.

Just tell them to go out and play how they are capable of playing.  Play like Danny Green played all night last night.

Good game, Deacs.