Prepare for a free advertising spot…

I’m in favor of giving public attaboys and attagirls when somebody treats customers the way they ought to be treated.  Today I experienced just that.  And since it involved technology and web 2.0, I felt obligated to blog about it.

I was doing my taxes online using TurboTax, which I have for the past 3 years.  Being a Monday (just after 5:00 PM EST) in late January, I’d imagine the traffic at their website was going through the roof, with people getting home to a W-2 in the mail and logging on to do their taxes.  So, I was anticipating a slow time.  But it began booting me from the system, and requiring me to log in over and over again.  Eventually their server just gave up, having fought the good fight.  I got a standard “NO SOUP FOR YOU” page when trying to get to my half-finished return.

So, because I was frustrated, I updated Twitter saying “TurboTax’s servers just flipped out and logged me out. I was so close to being done.”

About a minute later I got a tweet (that’s what they call twitter messages) from @TTaxChristine saying “I’m Christine from TurboTax, we’re checking out the issue.”

That’s what I’m talking about.  Web 2.0 to the rescue when Web 1.0 takes a dive.

Thanks, Christine and TurboTax.  Your attention to detail got you a free advertising spot here on the most-read blog published in the greater Erwin Hills area of Asheville, NC.