Corporate Sins.

Earlier a friend of mine twittered “Later, when you are jumping up and down yelling “we did it!” remember that all you did was sit on a couch feeding corporate America. GO TEAM”

And, being the tweet-first-question-later type I am, I hastily replied “later, when you are watching a movie on your big screen, proud of yourself for not watching the game, you still fed USA Inc.”

And then in the ensuing moments that passed I noted that I was only getting angrier at her tweet.  So, as is my custom, I asked myself why I was mad.  That often leads me to find the idolatry in my life.  Here’s what I found out.

First off, I am not even a football fan except in passing, so it wasn’t her attack of the NFL that got me mad.  It wasn’t her attack on corporate America that got me mad, either.  I am not a fan of how everything has advertising dollars attached to it, to the point that the phrases “Super Bowl” and “March Madness” have been trademarked.

What I eventually came to realize (with the help of the Holy Spirit, I suppose) is that the reason her message offended me so is that it struck very close to my idols.  I am a sports fan.  My drug of choice is college basketball, but I feel inclined to stick up for other fans, especially during the biggest single sports day of the American year.

I am very conscious of my idolatry in that area.  I am prone to trusting in and longing for the verification of my identity that comes from a UNC basketball victory.  I walk a little taller after we beat dook each time.  Conversely, I don’t talk to folks after a Carolina defeat, for at least a few hours.  And God is working on that area, helping me to see that it’s OK to enjoy a game without tying my identity to it.

And her tweet revealed that there is still work to do.

So, I apologize publicly for my offense of firing back when fired upon.  God is still working on me.