I’m headed to the ATL.

Back in college, there was never much doubt after sophomore year that I was going on staff with Campus Crusade.  So, our staff team didn’t go out of their way to recruit me, as I was already pretty much on board.  Consequently, I didn’t ever get invited to our recruiting conference. Six years later, I am still on staff.

This week I finally get to be recruited to join staff with Campus Crusade.

I’m driving 3 students from Western Carolina University down to Atlanta to take part in “Preview Weekend” where they will get a glimpse of how God could use them on staff with CCC, or in ministry in general.  I’m so excited to be going, partially so that I can say I’ve been to a recruiting conference.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates and pictures from the conference.

Oh, I’m also leading worship at the conference, so that will be fun.