A Milestone in our Journey Toward Adulthood.

Today we officially entered adulthood.  It wasn’t the fact that we have a child, or a minivan, or persistent heartburn (that’s just me). You would think that a retirement plan or a benefits package would be the turning point.  Not for us.  Today we crossed over the threshold-

—into the realm of deep-freeze ownership.

The large, cabinet style freezer that your parents have that holds three-year-old deer meat and unidentifiable grey stuff that you are pretty sure started out as a vegetable.  Yeah, we own one of those, as of yesterday afternoon.

So, what should I put in there that will someday be thoroughly unrecognizable, except by virtue of me remembering it as “that thing I put in there first?”  I say some sort of soup.  Or a non-food item, just to throw off my future self… “Honey, why is there a flip-flop in a zip-lock bag?” (That sounds like the beginning of a hip-hop retail jingle… are you listening, Wal-Mart?)

Either way, sign me up for the AARP mailings.  I now have a deep-freeze.