I’ve just been invited to the silliest facebook group ever.  I use the word silly because I’m trying to be nice.

The name of the group is “We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens.”  The capitalization is for emphasis, I think.  The group description goes on to explain that Mark Zuckerberg is going to sell facebook to someone who would then turn it into a pay site.  And this group is out to change all that.

Let’s stop and think for a moment, folks.  See those advertisements along the side of the page in facebook?  They are paying your way.  You are already paying to use facebook.  What Zuckerberg (and whoever buys it from him, someday) have on their hands is a money-making machine.  It’s an advertiser’s dream, really.  I frequently log in and see ads that are so targeted it’s laughable.  My favorite is the one that has a great picture of a fat guy that says “Are you 28 and overweight?” and then goes on to try and sell me something.  How did they know?  Today I saw one targeted specifically to worship leaders.  Again, an advertiser’s dream come true.

So trust me, nobody is going to do anything to make people less likely to log in to facebook.  Especially not charging us.  So all 800,000-plus people (please someone tell me they are mostly high-schoolers) in the group… please leave the group.  You are embarrassing yourself.