Hey folks.  Most of the time the blog is a one-way line of communication.  I say things, and others just listen, with the occasional comment.  This time, I’d love some more interaction.

Our plan for this summer (as previously mentioned) is to go to Santa Cruz, California.  We’ll be gone from May 10th through August 5th.  We had some subleasers lined up to stay at our place while we were gone.

As of yesterday, the people that were staying here fell through.  Now we desperately need somebody (or bodies) to stay here, mainly because our dog needs somebody to keep her company while we’re gone.  We were going to charge folks around 500 bucks per month to stay here, but now that it’s getting down to the wire we are willing to waive the fee if you can keep the dog.  We’d love it if you could pay for any utilities that you use, but beyond that we will let you stay for free.

So, whaddaya say?  Would you like a mountain home for the summer, complete with a very loveable dog?  Pass this along to any(trustworthy)one you know.  Thanks!