Uh, 3… …girth units?

I really want to get into marketing.  I am fascinated by how people use out-right lies and un-provable statistics to sell their products.  The shampoo in our shower here (that Jacqueline bought for next-to-nothing because of deals and coupons at CVS, and she’s the best wife ever) says in bold font on the bottle “makes hair up to 75% smoother”

I’m no math guy, but I’m pretty sure that in order to have a percentage, you have to be able to quantify it.  In order to quantify it, it has to have some objective standard.  So “smoothness” can’t be measured, and thus can’t be given a percentage. There’s no such thing as a “smooth unit.”

That’s like saying “become 63% more popular in school” or “women are 12% more physically attractive after using this product…”

(…and if you didn’t get the connection with the title, watch this.)