Urgent Care for Sick People.

This has been the summer of Urgent Care.

Mike, our project director, has been to urgent care taking different students so many times this week they are starting to recognize him. From Chicken Pox to a nasty virus to fainting and head colds, we’ve seen a lot, and taken several trips to the hospital.  But it appears this isn’t the first time we’ve been around this particular block.

Julie, one of the staff from Texas, went in with one of her girls who ended up having a mild case of pink eye.  While in the room, she got into a conversation with one of the nurses.  It turns out this nurse had cared for a person from the summer project last year.

That person (we don’t know who it was) had encouraged this sweet nurse in her faith, and the nurse had gone on to rededicate her life to Christ, and has been actively pursuing Him this year, gotten plugged into a local church, and is growing.

All because some sick student had taken a step beyond their comfort zone in an attempt to make Christ famous.  It’s so fun to see the sapling from someone else’s seed!

While we don’t want to have to take any more trips to the Urgent Care, it’s our prayer that we will continue to be available to go and share the love of Christ, wherever he might send us.