Finding God at Work. At Work.

“I’m just trying to figure out why God has me here, working at the Boardwalk this summer…”

Pretty typical line to hear from one of our students.  But it didn’t come out of the mouth of one of our students.  It came out of Audrey’s mouth.

Audrey is an international student from Singapore who is involved with Campus Crusade for Christ back on her campus.  She’s here for the summer with an international exchange program that brings in students to work at the Boardwalk.  Her friend Pei-Yi is here with her.  Audrey was invited to dinner here at the Peter Pan Motel by one of our students, to meet some other Christians.  That’s when Rachel met her.

“I wasn’t expecting it, but God just dropped her right in my lap,” says Rachel, a rising sophomore at Texas A&M.

Over the course of dinner, Audrey asked Rachel if she could be in her “Action Group” Bible study this summer.  Since that’s not really an option (our studies have specific material that is geared toward summer project participants), Rachel suggested that Audrey bring some friends and they do their own study once per week.  Later that week, when Rachel and Audrey invited Pei-Yi, she was quick to respond “…but I’m not a Christian…” expecting to be told it was a believers-only party.

It wasn’t.

Rachel, Audrey, Pei-Yi, and Yi (a young believer from Malaysia) are meeting each week as an unlikely and cross-cultural Action Group.  They are going through a study called “Creation, Fall, Redemption” that clearly explains the storyline of the Bible, and points them to Jesus.  They’ve already been through week one (creation) and Rachel was pleasantly surprised that even Pei-Yi has been participating and contributing interesting points to the discussion.

“It’s not that she’s a non-Christian because she’s rejected the message of Christ—she’s simply never heard the message of Christ clearly presented,” says Rachel, adding with a smile, “I’m so sure she’s going to trust Christ this summer.”

For Audrey, hopefully it’s becoming clear why God has her here for a summer working at the Boardwalk.